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The mistakes we make in hair care 2021

Hair is one of the most important part of your beauty, no matter what you look like. Hair enhances our beauty.


We are losing our favorite hair because of many mistakes we make every day. Many of us are losing our hair prematurely.


Today we will know some tips and some mistakes through which our hair loss is unknowingly.


Many people cannot take care of their hair due to lack of time. Again many people mistakenly wash their hair which makes the hair rougher. if mistakes can be avoided then hair will become more beautiful.



Washing hair every day is unnecessary. Only wash your hair when you think you need to wash it now. Like you can wash your hair every day during summer but it is better to wash your hair once a week in winter.

Hair problem

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It is not right to shampoo your hair with every wash. Shampooing the hair with every wash makes the hair rough.


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Many of us scrub or ex while washing our hair. But that’s not right. Massage the hair with your fingers while washing the hair.

This will break the hair less.


  • 4


It is good to take a bath with hot water but it is not good for hair. Hot water dries both hair and skin. Hair should be washed with mild or lukewarm water or cold water.


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It is not right to mix several types of shampoo with one and apply it on the hair. Use one shampoo and when it is finished you can use another new shampoo.


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Shampoo should be used as much as you need according to the hair. Using more shampoo than the amount is harmful for hair.


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After washing the hair as long as the hair is wet, the smell starts coming from the hair. So without tying your hair with anything, shake it gently and dry your hair. Do not tie your hair with a towel, especially after bathing.


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Do not comb your hair immediately after bathing. It is more likely to break the hair.


  • 9


We start shampooing from the top of the hair all the time. Occasionally start shampooing from the bottom, it will reduce hair loss.

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Sleeping with wet hair. This is a big mistake. We do not know how harmful this habit is to our hair.Through this our hair is damaged and broken. So this mistake cannot be made.Also, do not wear caps, helmets or belts on wet hair.

Hair mistake

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Cut hair regularly. Many of us wonder what will happen to our hair if we don’t cut it. But you must cut your hair according to the rules. Because after a few weeks our body grows as well as our hair. So of course cut your hair regularly.


  • 12


Never give hot water to hair. This causes damage to the hair and scalp. Of course, if you take a bath with hot water, wash your head with cold water first.

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